I love taking pictures. For as long as I can remember, I have always looked at the world around me according to how it could fit into a 5x7 rectangle. Strange? Probably. But I appreciate the fact that I look for and can find beauty everywhere around me.

My passion started with a purple Vivitar that my grandfather gave to me when I was a little girl. I would save my money so I could develop my 110 film, only to come out with a handful of nice images; still, I was never discouraged. In high school. I borrowed my boyfriend's mother's 35mm and became acquainted with the darkroom.  In college, I bought my own Canon Rebel and spend countless hours burning and dodging my way to a great (often mediocre) photograph. When I graduated, I used the money my family gifted me to buy my first DSLR. From then on, I've been photographing my travels, friends, family, and everything in between.

I now live in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, with my husband, daughter, and two dogs in our cute little beach bungalow. I am inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds me and try to shoot daily, whether with my camera or my trusty little iPhone (you can follow me on Instagram by clicking here.

I look forward to learning more about you!

my style

An avid reader and writer, I love to tell a story. I take a photojournalistic approach when capturing your story- this means using natural light as much as possible and taking candid shots of you + others just being yourselves. I look for the subtleties of a moment- a knowing smile between two people in love, the chaos of a family trying to convince everyone to look at the camera, a child distracted by ladybug on her knee- because these are the best moments. Sometimes the most innocuous moment turns out to be the most powerful and poignant. And these are what I try to capture.

I go to great lengths when editing your photos to highlight these moments. While I like to play with black + white and color, I always add a little vintage flair to each image to give them that timeless effect.  It is my goal to provide you with the best story that we can create.

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.”
Eudora Welty


My Style