hi, i'm kate, and
I want to take your picture!

i'm a pennsylvania native and former english teacher and instructional designer (for the super awesome photography education site Unraveled Academy) who has found herself surrounded by the redwoods and pacific ocean while raising a family in santa cruz, california (could be worse, right?). ever since my grandfather bought me my first purple vivitar camera, i've been furiously documenting everything around me. i'm so inspired by where i live, and every evening i drool over our beautiful golden light. seriously, i feel like i'm a cheater because our dramatic landscapes make taking beautiful photos a cinch. good news for you!

i think in analogies and find that most situations can be better explained through references to seinfeld, back to the future, home alone, or (of course) the office. I am living proof that it's impossible to multitask effectively, so i apologize in advance if i make zero sense during our photo sessions- i like to chatter during photo sessions to help keep people at ease (and guess what? it works!). i put a lot of stock into birth order personality traits (2nd born here) and am pretty good at reading people. i think this translates into how i capture people in my photos. 

when i'm not taking pictures, i'm most likely singing songs to my daughters, binge watching food documentaries, online shopping for furniture and home decor, or attempting to make a dent in my growing reading list. i've also started swimming in an attempt to get back into shape after having a baby! we'll see how this goes....


my life in squares


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