first baby

Aleli and David have been waiting for their baby girl for a long time. A few weekends ago, they drove down to Santa Cruz with their dog child, Hilo, to take some land + sea maternity pics. First we explored Lighthouse Field, where Aleli was game enough to climb over fallen logs and trudge through fields of tall (possibly tick-infested) grasses. On our way to Its Beach, we snuck a few shots outside of Steamer Lane Supply and photobombed an awesome vintage truck while its blissfully unaware owner distracted himself with some surf snacks. 

Hilo was certainly the most excited to make our way down to Its Beach, where he frolicked in the waves and with his fellow canine beach goers as Aleli and David dutifully posed along the freezing water's edge. On our way out, we checked out the ubiquitous driftwood creations populating all the Pacific beaches after a stormy winter. 

By the end of the evening, everyone was cold, wet, and tired, but damn, don't they look good?