SOCAL Reunion

Last month, my husband, daughter, and I drove down to Anaheim to fulfill our potty training promise to our 3-year-old: learn how to use the toilet and we'll take you to Disneyland (or Daisyland, as she calls it). Much to our surprise, she achieved her goal in a mere 3 days (who says bribing doesn't work?), so we bought our tickets and packed our bags. 

While down south, I was lucky enough to photograph Lawson family again, this time in sunny Newport Beach. Even better, I was able to capture the soon-to-be family of five celebrating their little boy destined to join them in November. 

We met up at 10th Ave, the only area we could find parking, and journeyed as far as Danica's and my pregnant body's would let us. Luckily, we landed in the right spot- the light was beautiful and the kids were excited to climb all over the lifeguard stands. I couldn't have asked for a better group to photograph and love what we captured!