52 Capture Project/Week 3: A Minute of Calm

This week, I battled a cold that my entire family has been suffering from for the past 3 weeks. I honestly think that nursing my daughter has boosted my white blood cells because I only have a slight (and more annoying than anything cause I'm just exhausted) cold compared to their constant hacking and congestion. Also, it's been raining. :(

Needless to say, we've been hanging out indoors a lot lately, which I don't always mind until the house looks like a bomb went off on it. But nursing a husband, 2 daughters, and myself, as well as desperately trying to keep my house sanitary at the very least, has taken me away from doing pretty much anything else, including editing photos (sorry, guys!). Still, I was able to get a few good shots of my family this week. I love listening in on Marin's games and stories she tells when she takes her bathes. Even though the games change, she is ALWAYS the boss. If I didn't force her to get out, she'd probably stay in the tub until she's blue in the face. The kid loves tubby time.