52 Capture: A Photographer's Evolution


I have to admit that I am writing this on the fly- it's been a very busy week of spreading myself thin between lots of work, caring for my children (see my cuties below), and balancing a household while my husband drives around the western half of the U.S. A mother's work is never done!


Like all creatives, I'm constantly thinking about how I can improve my work, but once I finally achieve something I love, I begin to reinvent the wheel and try something else. Lately, I've been staring HARD at my Instagram feed and trying to decide how I want to approach it for a more cohesive look. As I continue to review my work, I have found that my regular editing style doesn't always translate my vision, so I have been tweaking and trying some different editing techniques as well that are a little more subdued and include more black + whites. (I'm in the middle of editing an AMAZING maternity session with my tweaked approach and can't help but post a few images from our session right away.)

It's difficult not to compare myself to others, especially when there's some OUTSTANDING talent out there, but as I learn more and more about my craft and my own vision for my work, I feel proud to produce images that captures important moments in my clients' (and my own) lives. They may not be perfect, but they still gift us an opportunity to forever remember an important (or seemingly insignificant!) time in our lives. Every time a photo from my eldest daughter's baby years pops up on my computer screensaver, I am instantly transported back to a moment I may have otherwise forgotten and I am so grateful to have this reminder of how quickly time flies by and how important it is for me to document it. 


I will keep documenting my evolution as a photographer for the next year in hopes that I get closer to this unknown place I clumsily lumber towards. If you're interested in following me on this creative journey, please subscribe to my newsletter which I will set up in the next week or so.

In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I'd love to get your feedback on my posts! Hope you all have a great weekend. <3