52 Capture: Busy Week


This past week has been a little nuts. I'm currently leaving my job I've held the past few years as an instructional designer (eek!) to pursue my photography. Between finishing up on work projects, photographing and editing sessions, and working on some courses for my favorite photography resource ever Unraveled Academy, I'm a little frazzled. But all of these things are good, too, so I really can't complain. Another good thing that's going on in my life is that one of my photos has been selected to be featured in Dear Photographer Magazine! I'm so psyched. Hopefully, it actually gets published. 

As far as the family life goes, we are trying to find some calm in our constant chaos. Speaking of chaos, we were visited on a  rainy Tuesday by a flock (?) of four turkeys. They spent the day hanging out in our front walkway, picking at weeds, and trotting around on our roof. They even sang us some songs in response to Marin's loud, I'm-up-from-my-nap songs she belted out for about an hour in the afternoon. And just as suddenly as the appeared, they were gone.