Baby is Here! | Fresh 48 Session

A Fresh 48 Session

A few months ago, Tina and Spencer met with me at Davenport Beach to do a maternity session. All in all, it was a beautiful shoot. Fast forward a few weeks and I met up with Tina, Spencer, and their newest addition for a Fresh 48 session. I’m not sure there is anything sweeter than a brand new little babe. The smell, the little grunts, the yawns- it gives me all the feels.

Now that I’ve moved to Colorado, I’m excited to meet new couples and get to work photographing their little babes! I offer both Fresh 48 hospital sessions and in home lifestyle sessions. Lifestyle sessions usually occur either right after parents + baby arrive home, or a few weeks later, after everyone has settled in and baby’s acne (yes, most babies get acne a few weeks after birth and it can stick around for a bit) has cleared up a bit.

The key is to choose a setting that makes you most comfortable! If you would like to capture the emotions of the first few days, a Fresh 48 might be your choice. If you would rather take some time to recover, both physically and mentally, and get to know your little one first, a lifestyle newborn shoot might be best for you!

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss which approach works best for you!