Baby Sadie Is Here! | Colorado Newborn Photographer

A Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session in Pennsylvania


I recently flew to Pennsylvania (ahem- I will totally ready and willing to travel!) and did a newborn family photo session for my sister to capture the joy of bringing home their sweet little Sadie into a house of crazy toddler boys. Sadie was an unexpected and welcome surprise to my sister who thought she was done having kids after 3 boys (I knew she was a girl the whole time, btw.). She is the calm (as of right now- I’m sure that’ll change quickly) in the chaos of boys. She’s just so cute I could eat her. And her brothers are just as smitten with her.

After creating a viewing gallery for my sister, I thought about how I could better tell the story of their family. Being a bit music obsessed, I unconsciously analyze how songs can convey or highlight emotions in imagery. I’ve always thought that movie soundtrack mixers must have the coolest job in the world (after photography of course), and wondered if I might be able to combine these interests and create something more beautiful than the sum of its parts.

I’ve been listening to lots of David Bowie lately and have especially been drawn to the song “Kooks,” as the anthem for unconventional parenthood. I appreciate this idea that you don’t have to look, be, act any certain way to be a good parent- you just need to love and care for your kids the best you can.

What a perfect tune to accompany this session! It’s not posed but it’s poignant; it’s not perfect but it’s joyful. Family is a quilt of personalities that sometimes clash, sometimes complement each other, but always work together to create something unique and perfect in its own way.

I will happily start offering this product to clients and look forward to creating little narrative masterpieces for them. If you’d like to learn more about family, maternity, or newborn sessions in Northern Colorado, get in touch!

And without further ado, click on the image below to play Baby Sadie’s story.