Backyard Wedding Part I

When my good friend got engaged, she told me that she'd be having a private, family only wedding. I was so bummed to miss the ceremony but respected her request. Luckily, she ALSO wanted me to photograph it, and I happily accepted the role. So, I boarded a plane to Pennsylvania and arrived on an incredibly hot and humid day to find every burner on the stove firing away while meat slowly cooked in multiple bbqs outside. You see, Alex hails from Oklahoma, and his family competes in Kansas City BBQ competitions. Jackpot. 

For the next few hours, Nicole and Alex drank some cold beers, cooked some good food, and slowly got into their wedding best while mingling with their guests (they totally overrode their family-only policy). Abruptly, the officiant, one of Nicole's fellow yogis, asked guests to stop what they were doing so the wedding could begin. Nicole walked out of her backdoor, dressed in lace and flowers, to silence as children darted back and forth in her way. The ceremony was short, sweet, and nothing short of perfect. For the remainder of the evening, we beered, dined, and enjoyed a hot summer night filled with love. It was truly the perfect backyard wedding. 

The following day, I met Nicole, Alex, and Freddy the Hound at their local kayaking spot to take some forrest portraits. Again, it was hellishly hot and humid, but we didn't mind so much. I will post those pics in another blog post.

Congrats, Nicole and Alex! I love you guys!