Fall Family Field Mini Session


The golden fields at sunset in Lighthouse Field turned out to be the most beautiful spot to photograph Eliza and her family during my annual fall holiday mini sessions. We set up a blanket in the golden grass in front of a cypress tree and the rapidly setting sun. The lighting was perfect and the family was dressed just as perfectly. I asked the four of them to snuggle together and they were happy to oblige.

Like usually, I chatted non stop with them to distract them from the fact that I was photographing them (cause let’s be honest, the majority of us, myself included, make very uncomfortable and unattractive faces when we are in front of a camera and feel uncomfortable). We talked about life with a new baby in the house and the challenges we faced bringing them into the world. I enjoyed learning about Eliza’s experiences and felt instantly connected to her after learning that she is also a patient of the most amazing OB ever, Dr. Oderman.

I was also impressed to learn at Netflix gave her husband, Thomas, a legit paternity break so he could truly bond with his precious little lady. It’s encouraging to know that there are good workplaces out there who understand the value of prioritizing their employees’ lives and their families’ wellbeing.

I left our photo session feeling like I had made new friends, which is always one of my goals with my clients (besides capturing beautiful photos!). I feel so absolutely lucky to work with gracious, interesting, and kind clients. With my family’s impending move to Fort Collins, I feel nervous about how my business will continue and grow. Will I find the same lovely clients there that I’ve repeatedly found here in Santa Cruz? I guess only time will tell!

That being said, I need to build my Colorado portfolio! If you live in the Fort Collins, Boulder, and/or Denver area, please take note! I’m looking for one or two families, one or two pregnant mamas-to-be, and one or two newborns (well, will be newborns when I arrive in March) who are interested in modeling for my portfolio in exchange for 5 or so images and the option to purchase their galleries. Please get in touch if you think you’d like to participate!