Thank you for signing up for your mini session! You will shortly receive an email with your contract and invoice, which you can pay with via bank or credit card.

In the meantime, take a moment to review some pertinent info below regarding your session!

Dressing for Your Session

Many of you are familiar with me and how our sessions go, but here is some info to help you prepare. Check out my Pinterest boards to get some ideas:





Here are some general rules of thumb when preparing for your session:


Preparing Your Kids

I am worried about my child’s behavior. What should I do?

Stop stressing. I am a mom and I know exactly how you are feeling. My sessions are very play-based. While we aim to get a nice posed, family shots I also give kids a chance to play and be silly. Instead of telling your child they are going to get pictures taken, say they get to go the beach or park and a fun lady will be there with a camera. Also, I’ve never met a kid who doesn’t love a snack, especially as a reward for good behavior.

What should we bring?

I will always bring a blanket to sit on but I do not bring any other props. If you want to bring props, feel free! We will do our best to include them. If not, just bring yourselves.

I got my photos and I don’t like the way I look. Can you fix them?

Although this question is rarely asked as I do my best to make sure you look your best, it does come up. Women especially are extremely hard on themselves when it comes to body image, myself included! I am always dreading a shot of myself that showcases my double chin, or some other part of my body I don’t “love.” So, I totally know how you feel! But the thing is, when you look back at photos you have taken in the past, especially if you are taking photos with your kids, you will just be happy to be in the shot. The picture will bring you back to how little they were and how time has gone by so quickly. Your kids will treasure any photos they have with you when they are older. So try if you can to put any insecurities aside and see your photos for what they are: a moment in time captured with your wonderful kids.

After the Session

You can expect to receive your electronic gallery within 3 weeks of our session and will have plenty of time to make your selections in time to make holiday cards! You can also order prints, calendars, cards, etc., directly from the gallery site. You also have the ability to share images on social media, but please don’t add any filters to them! Believe me when I tell you I obsessively edit them just so!