How does your pricing work and how many images do we get?

Once we choose your date, you will pay a booking fee of $99. That is included in your overall session price (ex. a $499 session- you will pay a $99 booking fee upon booking and the remaining $400 is due on the day of the session). I will send you an invoice for the remainder on the day of the session. Taxes are included in all sessions. You will receive a minimum of 40 images from your session, all images are edited in color and black and white.

Who is your ideal client?

I work best with clients that do not care as much about getting absolutely perfect shots of their family sitting on a blanket smiling as they do about letting the session flow and trusting me to capture great images of their kids playing, all of you snuggling and having fun. Yes- we always aim to come away from the session with some nice shots of everyone looking at the camera but I also want you to come away with a good memory. I want you to remember that you had fun! If you are looking all perfectly posed shots, feel free to email me for a referral 

Your sessions take place at sunset and our baby(kid) will be tired, can we shoot earlier?

I have photographed well over 350 families and I have never had an inconsolable, grumpy kid at a sunset session. Remember that I keep my sessions pretty short, about 45 minutes. When kids arrive at the beach or farm where we are shooting, to them this is not the same as you keeping them awake at home. The beach is fun and new, I am a new person and I make the whole thing very playful. It is ALWAYS worth shooting late to get pretty light. If you feel you cannot shoot into the evening, you can opt for an in-home session earlier in the day. However, in order to stick to my creative vision and so you can get the types of shots and light you hired me for, I will not meet you earlier in the day. Bottom line: 350 families later there has never been a kiddo so grumpy from it being late that we did not get good shots.

How long have you been doing photography?

I took film classes in high school but I really started my photography education when my first daughter was born in January 2010. I opened my business in 2011 and still absolutely love shooting and editing.

I am worried about my child’s behavior. What should I do?

Stop stressing. I am a mom and I know exactly how you are feeling. My sessions are very play-based. While we aim to get a nice posed, family shots I also give kids a chance to play and be silly. Instead of telling your child they are going to get pictures taken, say they get to go the beach or park and a fun lady will be there with a camera.

How long will my session last?

With young kids, I keep sessions very short, usually under an hour. It makes no sense to drag a session on until everyone is grouchy. I prefer to have a fun, short session and have everyone still smiling at the end. When children are not involved, we shoot until we run out of pretty light or our feet get too tired to walk any longer, but even those sessions rarely go over 2 hours and usually take about an hour.  In home newborn sessions usually last about an hour.

What should we bring?

I will always bring a blanket to sit on but I do not bring any other props. If you want to bring props, feel free! We will do our best to include them. If not, just bring yourselves.

My husband is not interested in getting pictures taken. Any tips?

Just come alone with your kids! Do not miss a chance to be in a photo with your kids. You will treasure those mementos (as will your kids) in a few years as you look back on how small they were.

Also, just as a side note, my NUMBER ONE response from clients after a session is always, “Wow, my husband who hates having his picture taken was just saying how fun that was….” I promise not to make our sessions stiff and uncomfortable. I’m too much of a chatterbox to let things go silent.

I found a session on pinterest and I want our session just like that, can you do that?

Honestly, no. My sessions are very go with the flow. We do not start the session and go down a list of poses. If you have a few poses you would like, I will be more than happy to try to get those, but I cannot promise perfection with factors such as weather, child corporation and light.

I got my photos and I don’t like the way I look. Can you fix them?

Although this question is rarely asked as I do my best to make sure you look your best, it does come up. Women especially are extremely hard on themselves when it comes to body image, myself included! I am always dreading a shot of myself that showcases my double chin, or some other part of my body I don’t “love”. So, I totally know how you feel! But the thing is, when you look back at photos you have taken in the past, especially if you are taking photos with your kids, you will just be happy to be in the shot. The picture will bring you back to how little they were and how time has gone by so quickly. Your kids, well they will treasure photos they have with you when they are older. So try if you can to put any insecurities aside and see your photos for what they are: a moment in time captured with your wonderful kids.

Why don’t we get all the pictures you take?

I can take many pictures during a session with kids that you will never see and usually that is because someone is blinking, the exposure was not perfect or someone is making an odd face. I give all the best photos (meaning everyone is looking normal with their eyes open and the exposure is spot on) and do not keep good photos from you. 

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